Getting The Most Out Of Internet En Tv


With a lot of companies offering internet TV in Western Europe, only KPN has amassed a huge number of subscribers of its internet TV dubbed as the Internet EN TV. This particular service is offered free to the clienteles of KPN provided that they have an existing subscription to either mobile and internet connections from the company. Although the service is free, there are still a lot of subscribers from KPN who do not know how to utilize their internet TV thus here are some useful tips on how to use the Internet EN TV to your advantage.

Utilize the home video rental service

The internet TV from KPN comes with the free online video rental service that allows you to purchase and download great movies for you to watch during the weekend. The home rental store that KPN has possesses a large number of great movies from different timelines and genre. Moreover, you can access the site in your TV monitor. This simply provides you with an interactive approach with your television.

Start recording missed TV programs now

With KPNs Internet EN TV, you wont have to miss any of your favorite programs since you have the capability to record missed TV programs on the hard disk recorder that comes with the digital TV receiver. The recorder can also be programmed to record shows at any given time so that even if you are not at home, the recorder can turn itself on automatically and record your favorite program for you to watch once you get back. However, just make sure that the receiver and the recorder are plugged into the electrical outlet for it to work.

Stop or pause videos with just a flick on the remote

While you are watching an exciting TV program but your bowl of popcorn is nearly empty, then you do not need to wait for the commercial break to rush to the kitchen and prepare a snack and then rush back to your seat only to realize that the program is near finished. With the Internet EN TV, you have power at the tips of your fingertips. You can stop or pause any TV programs that you are watching while you languidly go to the kitchen to get refills of your snack. With this particular option, you never have to rush back and forth your kitchen and living room in between commercial breaks.

A Dutch landline and a telecommunications company based in Hague, the Netherlands, KPN has a lot of subscribers in Western Europe. The company offers a lot of products and services which include 2G and 3G mobile connection as well as the internet EN TV which is considered as the best innovation in TV technology to date.

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