Dreambox Pick The Original


One of the best things that the technological advancements have given us is the dreambox. The dreambox was produced by Dream multimedia, Germany. It is a popular brand of the DTH set-top box, which got its glory with the same name DREAMBOX. This is a utility device that is operated with Linux operating system. Later, in the year 2007, a set-top box which was not Linux based was introduced. This was totally for the contentment of the customers. All the Dreambox models that are available are divided into three groups.




Here, we will tell you about few of the dreambox models which are commonly known and have gained popularity in a short span of time. In the year 2005, Dreambox 500 was brought in the market which was the smallest DTH when it was introduced. This model produced by the Dream multimedia is the most popular model of the said brand till date. It is easy to compile data with this as it works on the software that has an open source. The Chinese have made of a lot of fake copies of this model and therefore, the company has decided to stop the production of this model. If you are going to buy it through a website, do not be confident that it is an original product from the company.

The latest model by the company is the deambox 800. This is like a stir for the television viewers today. One can have unlimited options with this and it is the first set-top box from the company with HD. When it was first put in the market, there were few negative reviews about it which the company took positive and corrected the mistakes. The versions available for the Dreambox HD are drambox 800 HD and dreambox 8000 HD. As the model improves, so, do the prices. So, if you want to avail the best services with the set-top box from dreambox then you must consider your needs and then choose the model accordingly but wisely and cautiously.

With the Dreambox you can do much more than just watch Free to Air TV! The dreambox 800s and Dreambox Sky are Linux receivers that operate just like a computer. You can browse the internet, check your emails, watch iPlayer, listen to your music etc. dreambox sky is the first Linux receiver to have High definition and PVR capability