7 AM ETV Telugu News | 30th August 2017

7 AM ETV Telugu News | 30th August 2017

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Prime Minister Theresa May on Brexit and Japan - BBC News

Prime Minister Theresa May was asked about the UK’s post-Brexit relationship with Japan in an interview with the BBC’s Ben Wright as she began a trip to the country.

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  1. నమస్కారాలు…….
    నా దొక చిన్న మనవి
    నేను ప్రతీరోజూ etv news fallow అవుతాను ఈమధ్య back voice లో 'సూచించారు' అనడానికి బదులుగా 'సూసించారు' అని వస్తుంది పెద్ద లోపం కాదు కానీ వినడానికి ఇబ్బందిగా ఉంటుంది…. దయచేసి గమనించండి…. తెలుగు భాషాభివృథికి ఈటీవీ కట్టుబడి ఉంది…
    30.8.2017 night 9pm news

  2. The conservative wank stains and Nigel farage constantly trying to impress trump like a bunch of lapdogs shining his shoes holding his hand whipping his ass and these deluded brexiteers think its sovereignty hahaahaa

  3. This buffoon Theresa May and the conservative wank stains where at Hamas birthday party partying up loool and the call Jeremy a terrorist friend hahahaha

  4. Best thing that ever happened to the EU, the Brits leaving. Never got my Whisky and Twinings tea this cheap.
    To my British friends, just think: You can't put a price on freedom; whenever you get a nasty suprize when resceiving your power or gas bill, or at the cash register in the supermarket or gas station.

  5. Theresa May's Snoopers Charter – a powerful little loophole this despicable Tory put in there was that politicians will receive immunity essentially putting them above the law.

  6. Tory Youth group, 'Activate' under scrutiny after offensive group chat leaked about gassing people. This comes after Theresa May's hesitancy in condemning Neo Nazis in Charlottesville. People turned a blind eye when Adolf Hitler was making such comments and most of the mainstream, including the BBC are Turing a blind eye again a century later. Lessons are never learned. http://www.independent.co.uk/news/uk/politics/tories-gassing-chavs-whatsapp-messages-group-chat-activate-members-leaked-a7921086.html

  7. The Office of National Statistics – reality doesn't look good for Britain or future generations. No amount of Theresa May's empty slogans or sound bites will change that.

  8. Could you imagine that old pile of shit Corbyn and his ANTIFA loving Labour party representing this county's interests abroad.   At least May looks semi decent compared to old " Steptoe Corbyn " and his entourage of lunatic Lefty's.   I shudder to think the damage that man will do if he gets power.

  9. Open an electric arc furnace steel works at Redcar in place of the old blast furnace. It is a much cheaper way of doing it. It will also help increase Britain's tiny steel production and regain our rightful place in the steel making league table.

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