Saptamana 8 – Planuri de lunga durata


Keeping the silhouette can be gained the hard part of this program. Fashion and diet often considered as temporary and give up certain habits, once we have gained what we wanted – in this case I figure dreams. This part of the program focuses on the idea of continuing the previously adopted healthy habits for life.

Keeping the silhouette obtained

Specialized studies show that without a maintenance program, 75% of people who followed a diet will gain fat in a year and probably over 95% in 3 years. So, follow a maintenance program and setting goals is an important step in weakening the lasting effects. And you follow the tips below:
Monitor your diet with a daily diary of foods eaten;
Participate in group therapy to lose weight and do as much fitness;
Performs at least 30 minutes of exercise four or five times a week;
Focus on improving your health and weight loss considered a pleasant companion;
Think about that the whole process to make it look better for you, for you to be happy with their looks;
Replace sugars and fats with healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains and other products rich in fiber;
Pay attention to portion size consumed and control your hunger status;
Eat three meals a day and snacks between the meals reduced;
Use the strategies learned to master your passions as you sometimes feel overwhelmed and constantly setting your goals;
Think you’ve adopted a healthy lifestyle and diet will not be a burden to your life;
Trust yourself and do not give in to temptation will block your progress;
Accept that there are no diet pills or weight loss miracles and works on the principle that a permanent maintenance;
Admit your true value lies not only in a well-defined silhouette. Once you accept you as you are, the weight loss maintenance chic it will become very easy to accomplish;
Discover your passions, hobbies to take your mind off food;
Learn to control stress;
Remove from your vocabulary words “never” and “always.” The key is moderation. You will lie only if you say you will not ever eat ice cream or sports you always do.

Effective strategies to maintain figure

Following a study in the United States of America on a representative sample of people have made some effective strategies for maintaining the figure obtained:
Approximately 55% of participants followed a weight loss program, and 45% have followed their diets;
Most reported that the average consumption is limited to 30% fat calories per day;
Most had regular meals, even at the restaurant (occasionally);
They had moderate activity;
More than 70% of participants had at least one family member suffering from obesity. These genes were prone to fatten him and all he managed to slabesca;
Very few of them (4%) used drugs for weight loss;
42% of them claim that it is easier to keep your weight than to lose;
95% of them claim that they have improved their lives, while 92% say they have become stronger and more energetic.

Find sources that motivate you

One of the decisive factors in weight loss lasting effects is the support of those around you. And, of course, remain active throughout the program forward. Do not forget that the end of this program does not mean the end of progress achieved. Many times, if you abandon a structured program easily fall into the temptations that lurk everywhere and you resume your old habits (which you have contributed to the increase in weight).

Therefore, you should really find a new source that continues to motivate you and constantly remind you of your goal. This motivation can be even made a pact with a friend in sport together 4 times a week. Or you can focus on weight loss in group therapy where you talk about a healthy way to lose weight and about ways to keep the effects as long a period.

As you approach the end of this program looks back and enjoy the achievements. Every effort made, no matter how small it was him, was a success. You covered a lot of information during these weeks and you definitely learn something more about weight loss and weight gain. Be optimistic about this program and the results will not delay to appear!

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