Puerto Vallarta Action By The Letters


There are so many cool things to do in Puerto Vallarta that a comprehensive list would take pages and pages. Your stay in a Mexican vacation villa rental probably tops the list; other delights can include any or all of these:
The Malecn is one of the highlights of the city, a seaside boardwalk that lines the main drag in el Centro. There is so much to see and do down here that its virtually impossible to find an excuse not to go. Enjoy the open-air sculpture that lines the walk; pick up trinkets and souvenirs from street vendors or one of the little shops that lines the street; enjoy a cold beverage in one of the bars.
Nightlife in Puerto Vallarta starts late and ends in the wee small hours of tomorrow. A couple of places are renowned for getting their party on, including Carlos OBriens in Old Town, Collage in Marina Vallarta, and Zoo on Paseo Diaz Ordaz. The good news for early to bed types you can usually find a happy hour some place between noon and 6 pm.
The ocean view is one of the biggest selling points for any Mexican vacation villa rental, and in Puerto Vallarta , the views across Banderas Bay can be spectacularly colorful. Sunsets are a riot of orange and pink and deep blue; rain storms often create a muted palette of grays and greens; and at midday, the blue sky and water practically shout, Come on down and play.
Pirates are a good thing in Puerto Vallarta , at least the ones that do their marauding from the decks of the Marigalante. Take the whole family for a daytime cruise that includes food, water activities and a pirate show (aaarh!), or leave the kids back in the villa and enjoy a romantic sunset cruise.
Rio Cuale, and the island that bears that name, offer a cool and quiet atmosphere where you can slow down for a few minutes or hours and make like an iguana. Find a sunny rock, or a bench if thats how you roll, sit yourself down, and catch your breath in the green.
Scuba, snorkel, surf the list of activities available in the salty water of Banderas Bay is a lengthy one. Lots of activities take place on the deck of a high-powered boat, and thats all good. You can enjoy the underwater world without all the racket, however, when you slip into some fins and a mask and explore a quiet cove.

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