Low Profile And Barcelona Striker Pedro Efficient


January 09 morning, in the round match of the Spanish Football League 18, 4-0 away victory over FC Barcelona, Deportivo de La Corua, ho take 12-game winning streak. Yesterday, a war with Deportivo La Coruna, Barcelona “against Trident” Messi, Villa, and Peter with the World Cup Football Shirt has a ball richer. From now on, Barcelona “against Trident” stage of the league this season, contributed 39 goals as a whole, well above other objectives League Real Madrid. Compared with Messi, Villa star bright, Pedro is one of those stars have no center. Maybe not in the best shape of Pedro, his audience may have been humid and plagued by a lack of opponents, but only given a chance, he can understand, this is Peter. To see the performance of Peter, you can understand why Henry last season, driven by his “bank” and sat half of the season, finally had to go to the U.S. Major League “Envelope” you can understand why there is often Berry with the La Liga Football Shirts came to Barcelona “scandal”, while Barcelona has the confidence of Peter the West Branch camp. It is no exaggeration to say that, at least for Barcelona, Pedro saved 30 million, and Franck Ribery is now the state, I’m afraid it’s hard to say Bipeideluo better. Recent Pedro, called What is both Lionel Messi and C, the objective of the League N master track, about 13 league matches, Peter has been in 12 balls, swept at the start of the season not only helps the shame of the ball. For the season now, Pedro has 14 in all competitions to get the ball and sent seven assists, the composite index of the entire Spanish striker in the first place. In Barcelona he was “six-time winner of the season, Peter with the Barcelona Football Club Shirt in the six events in both goals, this is a remarkable achievement. Even more encouraging is that Peter is still progress. This year, Harvey, Iniesta, Messi will lock in the West Branch Golden Globe, but the fans have to say, if the list this time next year Pedro in the first three, and no surprise. Since the end of the Champions League, “soy sauce”, a role that in the first prime of the national team “marginal man” to debut in the World Cup final, Pedro safe step forward. In fact, Peter although this position can not be said to be the best player, but Barcelona is the best player. In the Barcelona striker Lionel Messi with the Mascherano Football Shirt 14 has had, David Villa, so the team needs is not Henry; Franck Ribery as a “superstar”, but a low profile, high-striker, Peter was in line with the two points above. Peter is a player who is really lucky to Barcelona.

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