Let Out Your Line in Puerto Vallarta


Let Out Your Line in Puerto Vallarta A tropical getaway may be just what you need right about now. You’ve been working your tail off every day, then taking care of all those “honey-do” tasks in your down time. You’re burning out, and you need to do something for yourself for a change. Consider this – a Puerto Vallarta vacation rental is the perfect antidote to what’s ailing you.

Here’s the rub – you picked a destination on Mexico’s coast because you wanted to get away from schedules and deadlines and enjoy total relaxation. You did the research, though, and it didn’t take long to realize that when you spend time on Banderas Bay, you’re looking at a list of potential pastimes longer than your arm.

What’s more, you can’t imagine how you’re going to find time to relax, because you left home with a lengthy list in your pocket of all the dining, entertainment and thrill experiences your well-meaning peeps identified as absolute must-do activities. There is a simple answer to this dilemma: get settled in to your Puerto Vallarta vacation rental; review the list; express interest in one or two items on the list; then tear the list into little bits.

No one ever needs to find out, and the satisfaction of seeing another to-do list go the way of the dinosaurs is worth the pain of carting it along on holiday. Once that’s handled, get your bearings and identify every chaise lounge and comfortable couch in and outside your Puerto Vallarta vacation rental, then take a few deep breaths.

Expect that, after you’ve spent a day or two in total bliss, with nothing to do but breathe, you’re going to grow a bit restless. This is an opportunity for you to rise up, locate some fishing tackle and head for the beach. It sounds like work, but don’t be fooled – beach fishing on the shores of Banderas Bay in Puerto Vallarta is a delightful way to while away time and work on your tan.

You won’t need a fishing license for beach fishing. You will need fishing tackle, and what you choose will depend on whether you actually want to catch anything or not. Let’s assume you do hope to land a respectable fish: select a pole designed to haul in heavier fish, and go with heavier line as well (think pike and walleye without the metal leader). You can use squid or sardines as bait or fish with a lure; rapalas work well in this water.

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