Come to the Jungle, Puerto Vallarta


You’ve probably heard the old line about being unable to see the forest for the trees (“What forest? I can’t see anything through these dang trees!”). The relevance of this observation to you, as you enjoy the comforts of your villa Puerto Vallarta, may not be obvious at first, and a bit of explanation is perhaps in order. Try this exercise to put an experiential spin on the concept: step outside and cast your eyes upon the most prominent feature in the landscape. Odds are, you’re looking directly at Banderas Bay, right?

. No one is going to suggest that the bay and everything that goes along with it (beaches, snorkels, surf boards, fish) doesn’t deserve to be right up there at the top of the city’s natural attractions. On the other hand, if you’ll turn your head ever so slightly to the right or the left, or perhaps step to the far end of the balcony, you’ll notice that your villa Puerto Vallarta, and much of the city, is surrounded by lush, green jungle growth. It turns out there is another side to the lovely city on Banderas Bay.

Now that you’ve seen the jungle and identified it as such, you may still be posing the musical question, “So what?” If you steadfastly refuse to be swayed from your decision to spend every available moment of your Puerto Vallarta holiday playing beach volleyball or surfing, you are free to go. If your interest perked up just a bit, and you’re thinking, “Tell me more,” read on, because the jungle offers plenty of fun and adventure for anyone willing to shake the sand out of their shoes for a day or two.

·Zip through the trees. This one will get you off the ground in a big way. As a zip line guest, you’ll fasten yourself securely into a safety harness and clip in to a system of lines that send you whirring through the jungle, high above the ground. It’s your chance to experience a “bird’s eye view” for yourself.

· Mount up. Those who choose to see the jungle from the ground have a number of options in terms of a ride. Naturally, you can choose to do your jungle sightseeing via “shank’s mare,” (on foot, in other words), but you can also join an expedition with a guide who will lead you along those cool green paths on horseback or on the seat of an ATV.


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